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jetblue iphone app not working

Download JetBlue - Book & manage trips and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Take JetBlue everywhere you go! Download our app to book, manage and check in for your trips, access boarding passes and more. Day of travel – Your day of travel is a breeze with key information right on the home screen. Keep up the good work Jet /5(K). Mar 12,  · Why Won’t My iPhone Apps Open? Your iPhone apps won’t open because your iPhone has a software problem. When an app crashes, it usually doesn’t take the whole iPhone with it. Instead, you end up back on the Home screen, and the app terminates in the background. Most of the time, that’s enough to fix a software bug – but not always. Jan 09,  · By embedding Twitter content in your website or app, you are agreeing to the Twitter Developer Agreement and Developer Policy. Preview. Tweets not working for you? @JetBlue Can't log into the iPhone app. Is this a known issue? AM - .

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Log in. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein, jetblue iphone app not working. Forgot Password? Social Groups. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Jan 20, 17, am. Original Poster. I constantly have issues with FlyFi where it will say it's "Connected" but the connection doesn't fully work.

Specifically, jetblue iphone app not working, I can reach certain large sites, e. All the while the FlyFi hub says I'm "connected. With the latest FlyFi update in Janwhich seems sorta half-baked since there's still an option for "Plans" even though they appear to have done away with Premium internet now that it's completely free, there's no way to disconnect from FlyFi.

Leaving and joining the network as well as rebooting doesn't do anything since it appears as though connectivity is pegged to your MAC address. Couple of questions: - Am I alone in having issues like this?

View Public Profile. Find More Posts by bevnetcraven. Originally Posted by bevnetcraven. Find More Posts by tphuang. Visit sbm12's homepage! Find More Posts by sbm Jan 20, 17, pm. I've had a few issues with the system itself not working on the entire plane or losing coverage but never any of the issues you've mentioned.

I use laptop, phone, and iPad. I have seen this too, but only once. I couldn't figure out any way to get around it. I had the issue on my laptop but my phone was fine, so exactly the same as you describe it Jan 21, 17, pm. I had the same issue on an A transcon a couple days ago. Could not log out and most apps worked but could not get on flightaware. It was an overnight jetblue iphone app not working that was delayed so most people were asleep and not using the internet.

My iPad worked better than my iPhone. Find More Posts by sfozrhfco. Back at Thanksgiving I had a highly unstable connection and was unable to stay logged into a MUSH which is the definition of a low-data program. Find More Posts by GrayAnderson.

Jan 30, jetblue iphone app not working, am. I have the same problem on almost all a flights. I can rarely get any websites to load on my laptop on the a, except sometimes the BBC. It says I'm connected and info on the flyfi page does get updated like flight jetblue iphone app not working. Everything works when I use my iPhone. Any ideas for how to get my laptop to work?

I tried reconnecting to the network, restarting the computer, and even installing the windows updates that have been promoting me for a couple weeks just in case. You can try different browsers, jetblue iphone app not working. You can try manually jetblue iphone app not working to the flyfi webpage and see if that leads you to anything, jetblue iphone app not working. I haven't flown B6 recently so don't know if this would work.

Once you connect on your iPhone, it might lead you to a page to say if you want to connect to flyfi. Try to get the link for that page and go to that page on your laptop browser.

Sometimes, laptop does not know exactly the page to go to connect to the flyfi network. I was actually recognized as a different passenger on FlyFi during my last E flight. The name wasn't even close. Service worked well but I had a laugh every time I checked The Hub. Originally Posted by DAS Jan 30, 17, pm.

I'm having the same issue right now. It works from my tablet but not on my phone. On my phone I can only hit the flyfi hub homepage but nothing works besides flight details. And it stays connected so you can't even disconnect, even after restarting the phone. Find More Posts by monkeyrat Jan 31, 17, am. Curtis Frazier. In flight now, joined just so I could post. I have three devices. My iPad can access everything.

Judging by the post above, it seems secure vs unsecure is the difference. Super annoying. Find More Posts by Curtis Frazier. Originally Posted by Curtis Frazier, jetblue iphone app not working. Feb 3, 17, pm. Inflight just received further communication on this issue. We have been complaining up and down about the inability to use the Fly-FI despite it showing connected. There is also a bug where if you connect on the ground and at the gate, the system will kick you off on departure and not allow you back on.

Excede is working to provide a fix for that issue. Us as inflight are hit the hardest as we use the Fly-Fi on the ground to sync our manifests if we have poor cell service. The issue is being actively worked on and I'll try to post an update when a fix is in place.

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jetblue iphone app not working


‎ Kenneth J. Kirsch ‎ to JetBlue. November 4, · JetBlue app doesn't work on iPhones! That's crazy. Poor poor job JetBlue. If you call in to customer service, they are aware of the problem but can I only assist by charging a $25 service fee. That's not fair or right. It's your problem JetBlue and you want to charge/profit for it. The latest info on JetBlue Airways mobile apps. There is an iOS app from JetBlue Airways which will work on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. TrueBlue members will also be able to use the app to manage their profile, view account activity, and more right from the app. Take JetBlue everywhere you go Download our app to book and manage trips, change seats, track flights, check in and more. Available for iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch® and Android™ devices.